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Pinawa Public Library


The Biblio File
July 24, 2017

We hope that everyone is having a great summer so far!  For parents with young children, we know that beach-reading is just a pipe dream.  Drop in and choose from our great selection of magazines – easy to flip through and handy to put down every 45 seconds when you need to do a head count!

New and “new to us” books are added weekly to our shelves, but not always listed in the Biblio File because of other timely news, or because the list is just too long! To stay on top of our most recent 100 tiles added, go to our website at and “Search Our Catalogue”.

We love book reviews and recommendations!  Genie Johnston describes A Beaver is Eating my Canoe: True Tales to Make You Laugh by Matt Jackson as “the best book of short stories that I’ve ever read!” Connie Hill highly recommends LaRose by Louise Eldrich and writes that it is “A powerful novel of love and loss, revenge and forgiveness.  The title character is a young boy with an old soul, the beloved son who is offered to another family in recompense for the death of their own.”

“Books are uniquely portable magic” – Stephen King.