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  • The Biblio File: Library News (12/10/2018)

    Pinawa Public Library

    The Biblio File
    December 10, 2018

    William D. Valgardson is an Icelandic Canadian fiction writer and poet.  In an interview on April 7, 2008 he not only mentions Pinawa, but the library as well, so of course this needs to be brought to everyone’s attention.

    “When I went to teach in Pinawa, a very important thing happened. I was in the library one day and I came across a book by an author I’d never heard of before named Al Purdy. It was Cariboo Horses. Every writer I’ve talked to has had this kind of experience where they have suddenly been given permission to be Canadian. And Al Purdy did that for me with Cariboo Horses. For the first time I realized I didn’t have to be T.S. Eliot or Ernest Hemingway. I didn’t have to be an Englishman or an American. It was okay to write like a Canadian with Canadian content.  As a Canadian, what I had to say and what I had to talk about were important. It was like a logjam bursting. At university we had only studied English and American literature, so there was a whole denial of who you were.”

    Mr. Valgardson taught English at Pinawa Secondary School (then Pinawa Collegiate) in the late ‘60s.

    We have 8 of his books in our Home Grown section.  In Valhalla’s Shadows is his most recent publication.


  • The Biblio File: Library News (12/3/2018)

    Pinawa Public Library

    The Biblio File
    December 3, 2018


    What is EBSCOhost?  It’s an online research platform used by thousands of institutions and millions of users worldwide.  Having car trouble?  Need help with a home improvement project?  Need access to quality research sites, information and journals?  All on EBSCOhost.  Looking for a new book to read?  Novelist Plus on EBSCO host can help you choose.  You can search by age group, genre, or even the mood of book you are looking for where drop-down boxes let you choose your own “appeal mix”.  This amazing site is available for use by our library patrons.  You can access it at the library or at home – just drop in/call and ask for the password.


    Have you ever wondered what makes librarians (and book lovers) cringe?  Maybe cry a little?  Here’s a few of our top cringe-worthy horrors to never, ever do:

    Don’t make notes in, highlight, or remove pages from books that aren’t yours.  Don’t leave books open and face down or “dog ear” the pages – use a bookmark people!  Don’t use books as doorstops.  Don’t drop books in the bathtub/river and assume that they will dry and we won’t notice.  Don’t use books as coasters or place-mats.  Don’t use books behind your tires if you get stuck in the snow, or to scrape your windshield. Don’t stack books and use them as a stool, or use them for killing flies or spiders (however tempting this may be). Wow, there’s more than we thought.

  • The Biblio File: Library News (11/26/2018)

    Pinawa Public Library

    The Biblio File
    November 26, 2018


    Wondering what to do with your spare time?  Volunteering at the Pinawa Public Library is an enriching and enjoyable experience!  In fact, volunteers are critical to the operation of the library.  We have a few new openings available.  If you would like to apply for one of these spots, please leave your name and phone number with one of our staff and we will contact you.


    The 14th Annual Pinawa Winter Town Market is coming up fast!  Come down to the Pinawa Community Centre on Saturday, December 1, 2018 from 10:00 to 3:00.  The library will have a table of huge bargains just in time for the holidays.  Join us and the many other amazing vendors.  Shop local!

    Peter Tayloy 2

    Make sure to join us on Wednesday, November 28, 2018 at 7:00 for Peter Taylor’s presentation of “A Week in Australia”.  Everyone welcome!

  • The Biblio File: Library News (11/19/2018)

    Pinawa Public Library

    The Biblio File
    November 19, 2018


    A sample of the new books added this week include Clock Dance by Anne Tyler, Vi by Kim Thuy, The Reckoning by John Grisham, Ambush by James Patterson, Wallis in Love by Andrew Morton and A Lab of One’s Own by Patricia Fara.


    It’s getting colder outside.  Come to the library where it’s warm and we have coffee.  You can bring your kids (parents/in-laws/friends/spouse) or hide from them.  We won’t judge.

  • The Biblio File: Library News (11/12/2018)

    Pinawa Public Library

    The Biblio File
    November 12, 2018


    Over the last week 50 new books have been catalogued for our shelves, and new (or new to us) books are being added all the time.  This is a small sample of our new Non-Fiction choices.  For an up-to-date list, check our website under “Search Our Catalogue”.  You will be able to scroll through the most recent 100 books added.


    Mark your calendars!  On Wednesday November 28, 2018 at 7:00 pm in the library don’t miss “A Month in Australia: From Broiling in the Top End to Shivering in Tasmania”.  Peter Taylor will be talking about his trip and presenting his photographs detailing his travels from the monsoon climate of the Northern Territory to early spring on Bruny Island, off the coast of Tasmania, and the coastal regions of Queensland and New South Wales.  Everyone welcome!

  • The Biblio File: Library News (11/5/2018)

    Pinawa Public Library

    The Biblio File
    November 5, 2018


    Happy November!  Let’s take a second to be thankful that our streets don’t look like the picture…yet.  But it’s best to be prepared for when the snow hits – we estimate that you will need a pile of at least 5 books in order to avoid going outside.


    Our theme for story time on Wednesday, November 7, 2018 will be weather.  Join us for reading, songs and rhymes, a simple craft and a snack.

  • The Biblio File: Library News (10/29/2018)

    Pinawa Public Library

    The Biblio File
    October 29, 2018

    halloween book

    Don’t forget to join us at the library on Tuesday, October 30, 2018 at 7:00 for a special Halloween story time.  Have a safe and fun Halloween and please never do this to your books – the horror.


    What is fILL?  Looking for a book that we don’t have on our shelves?  We can search the Manitoba Public Libraries Network – fILL – a federated search system of libraries in Manitoba. These books (called ILLs or InterLibrary Loans) will arrive from another library within a day or two.  This is a very convenient way to have access to thousands of books at a time!

  • The Biblio File: Library News (10/22/2018)

    Pinawa Public Library

    The Biblio File
    October 22, 2018

    halloween story time

    Join us at the library on Tuesday, October 30, 2018 from 7:00-8:00 for guest readers, songs and a bedtime snack.  All ages welcome.  Wear your costume!


    A small sample of the new books added to our shelves this week include these from our fiction section:  Fresh Complaint by Jeffrey Eugenides, Surprise Me by Sophie Kinsella, Sometimes I Lie by Alice Feeney, Winter in Paradise by Erin Hilderbrand and A Spark of Light by Jodi Picoult.


    Milkman by Anna Burns has won the 2018 Man Booker prize which equals to about $85,000 CAD and usually a dramatic increase in sales around the world.  It is about a bookish 18 year old girl that is harassed by a paramilitary figure called the Milkman during The Troubles in Northern Ireland.  The author says that the book was inspired by her own experiences.

    knit shift

    The Knit Shift with Anne Shifflet returns Thursdays beginning on October 25, 2018 from 1:00-4:00.  Share patterns and tips, get help with knitting or crochet and relax with a coffee or tea.

  • The Biblio File: Library News (10/15/2018)

    Pinawa Public Library

    The Biblio File
    October 15, 2018

    hidden gem

    Do you know about hidden gems? We find that people gravitate toward “shiny new books” and often overlook some of the masterpieces hidden within the stacks. What qualifies as a hidden gem?  Everyone has a different answer but a simple guideline is “an outstanding book that has stood the test of time.”  These books are often suggested by patrons and we are always looking for more input.  They can be easily located throughout the library by the yellow sticker on the spine.  We hope you will spend some time browsing the stacks for these treasures.


    We often get donations (thank-you!) of amazing books that we already have on our shelves.  What do we do with these?  They will be added to our “Almost New” sales shelves throughout the library.  You can pick up a nearly new (and often brand new) book for mere pocket change. These are ideal for gifts, holidays, nightstand TBR collections or coffee tables.

  • The Biblio File: Library News (10/8/2018)

    Pinawa Public Library

    The Biblio File
    October 8, 2018

    Closed For Thanksgiving

    Please note that the library will be closed on Sunday, October 7, 2018 and Monday, October 8, 2018 for the Thanksgiving long weekend.  We will reopen at 9:00 on Tuesday, October 9th.

    There will be no story time on Wednesday, October 10th.  See you next on Wednesday, October 17, 2018 for our “leaves and trees” themed afternoon.


    Have you been drawn in by the intrigue?  Felt the need to solve the mystery?  Been inspired to travel or make a change?  Been entertained and amused?  Share your favorite book titles.

  • The Biblio File: Library News (10/1/2018)

    Pinawa Public Library

    The Biblio File
    October 1, 2018

    quiz night winners 2018

    A big thank-you to everyone that came out and participated in our 8th annual quiz night! The library appreciates your support!  Congratulations to this year’s winners “Puzzled and Perplexed” (Miyoko Rasmussen, Heather Boer, Susan Barnett, Kevin Dearing, Connie Holmlund, Jeff Long, Michelle Long and Tom McMahon).  We expect to see you displaying your medals proudly throughout town for the next few months – at least – rain, shine or snow.


    The theme for story time on Wednesday, October 3rd at the library will be Thanksgiving.  Join us at 2:15 for stories, a healthy snack and a simple craft.

  • The Biblio File: Library News (9/24/2018)

    Pinawa Public Library

    The Biblio File
    September 24, 2018

    Story Time at the Library

    Story time is back!  Please join us at the library Wednesdays at 2:15 for stories, a simple craft and a healthy snack.  The theme this week is “The Library.”  Everyone welcome!  (Sponsored by Grassroots)

    Quiz Night

    Quiz night is fast approaching!  Have you registered your team?  Drop by the library!

  • The Biblio File: Library News (9/17/2018)

    Pinawa Public Library

    The Biblio File
    September 17, 2018


    We are in the process of refreshing our large print book shelf.  Lots of great new titles in all genres – stop in for a browse!


    Some of the new books in our Crime section this week are Kill the Angel by Sandrone Dazier, Pieces of Her by Karin Slaughter, The Other Woman by Daniel Silva, Without Mercy by Jefferson Bass,  A Noise Downstairs by Linwood Barclay, Dead Heading by Catherine Aird, The Names of Dead Girls by Eric Rickstad, Tailspin by Sandra Brown and The Reckoning by Yrsa Sigurdardottir.

  • The Biblio File: Library News (9/10/2018)

    Pinawa Public Library

    The Biblio File
    September 10, 2018

    new books


    We add new and new to us books to our collection all the time.  Sometimes it’s a struggle to decide which ones to highlight and why.  People have different tastes and preferred genres.  If you would like to see something featured on our shelves let us know – we love to see what others are reading and why.  If you are a non-fiction reader, here are a few that have been added recently.  Endurance by Scott Kelly, The River of Consciousness by Oliver Sacks, Dinner with Darwin by Jonathan Silvertown, Call of the World by Bill Graham, Hitler in Los Angeles by Steven J. Ross, and The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs by Steve Brusatte.

    books and leaves

    What better way to enjoy a fall day than to take a walk to your local library.  Bring a bag because you won’t “leaf” empty handed.

  • The Biblio File: Library News (9/3/2018)

    Pinawa Public Library

    The Biblio File
    September 3, 2018

    back to school

    How is it September already??  Did everyone have a good summer?

    Welcome back to the students and staff! Thank you to our summer students, Terra and Sophie for all of your hard work and good luck in the upcoming school year!


    Our regular school year hours resume on Tuesday, September 4, 2018.

    September is when we welcome back our volunteers and start getting organized planning our weekly and special events – stay tuned!

    fall reading

    Fall is amazing but short lived.  Take the time to grab a good book and enjoy the colors while they last.

  • The Biblio File: Library News (8/20/2018)

    Pinawa Public Library

    The Biblio File
    August 20, 2018

    book review

    Have you read anything lately that you just couldn’t put down?  Has a book ever changed your life?  People are often looking for suggestions or just want to step out of their reading box for a bit and try something new.  We would love to hear about your favourite books and why they are a must-read.  Drop by or email us with your book reviews!

    book vacation

    Or better yet…borrow!  Whether or not your summer plans include a road trip, getting on a plane, setting sail, or going for a long walk, make sure to include books (maybe audio books if you are walking).  Do you prefer a stay-cation?  “Armchair travel” is so popular that some book stores have a separate section!  Follow others on their adventures from the comfort of your chair – less bugs and no need for sunscreen.


  • The Biblio File: Library News (8/13/2018)

    Pinawa Public Library

    The Biblio File
    August 13, 2018


    Are you on Facebook?  Please head over to the Pinawa Public Library page and give us a “like”! See our events and news along with the odd joke, thought and book inspired picture during your daily scroll.

    books and sun

    How many more days are left in the summer?  Let’s not talk about that.  Is it ever just too hot to go outside?  Whether you prefer the air conditioned indoors or the shade of a tree, you can’t go wrong with a sunny day and a good book.

    Don’t forget to join our summer students every Wednesday at 2:00 for summer story time!  Kids will listen to books, have a snack and do a simple craft.  Parents, grandparents and caregivers can enjoy a coffee and our air conditioning!


  • The Biblio File: Library News (8/6/2018)

    Pinawa Public Library

    The Biblio File
    August 6, 2018

    long weekend

    Did everyone have a great long weekend?  A little bit of rain is a great excuse to put your feet up and grab a good book.  Be sure to check and “Search our Catalogue” to see the ever changing list of our new books.

    Biblio File

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  • The Biblio File: Library News (7/30/2018)

    Pinawa Public Library

    The Biblio File
    July 30, 2018

    man booker 1

    The 13-book longlist for the £50,000 Man Booker Prize has been announced.  The list was chosen from 171 submissions.  The shortlist will be unveiled on September 20th and the winner named on October 16th.

    Snap by Belinda Bauer (U.K.)
    Milkman by Anna Burns (U.K)
    Sabrina by Nick Drnaso (U.S)
    Washington Black by Esi Edugyan (Canada)
    In Our Mad and Furious City by Guy Gunaratne (U.K)
    Everything Under by Daisy Johnson (U.K)
    Mars Room by Rachel Kushner (U.S)
    Water Cure by Sophie Mackinstosh (U.K)
    Warlight by Michael Ondaatje
    Overstory by Richard Powers (U.S)
    Long Take by Robin Robertson (U.K)
    Normal People by Sally Rooney (Ireland)
    From a Low and Quiet Sea by Donal Ryan (Ireland)


    Road trip this summer?  We are in the process of reviewing and refreshing our books for sale.  This is a great opportunity for a little paying it forward!  Drop by and pick up a stack to take along. As you finish each book, leave it on a coffee table, in a hotel room, on a bench, with a little note inside for the next lucky person!


  • The Biblio File: Library News (7/23/2018)

    Pinawa Public Library

    The Biblio File
    July 23, 2018

    truck stop

    The Winnipeg River Arts Council Inc. promotes arts and cultural assets to residents and tourists in north eastern Manitoba.

    On Wednesday August 1, 2018 at 8:30 p.m. they are sponsoring a free family show.  “Truck Stop” is about a group of campers in search of excitement that decide to hitch up their trailer and set out on a journey across the continent.  You will travel from coast to coast with five performers and a musician, all in 50 minutes.  This unique show will take place behind the Lac du Bonnet Community Centre – bring a lawn chair or blanket!

    Beach Reads

    Are you looking for some good beach reads?  A stack of books for the boat or camper?  At the Pinawa Public Library we have paperbacks and hard covers for pocket change!  We are constantly updating and refreshing our shelves and trolleys so don’t forget to stop by and grab some.  So cheap you won’t mind if they get sandy or go for an accidental quick dip.