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The Biblio File: Library News

The Biblio File
February 27, 2023

New at the library!  The radon detector loan program for short term home screening.

Radon is formed by the breakdown of uranium, which is found in soil, water and rocks.  Since radon is a gas, it can escape from the ground.  In outdoor air, radon is diluted very quickly and is not a concern.  However, in enclosed spaces like homes, it can become trapped and accumulate to high levels, which creates a health risk.  The radon detector loan program provides an opportunity to learn about radon, to conduct short term screening to help understand how levels may vary, and if necessary, outlines further steps to take.  The kit includes a short term digital radon detector and an informational packet.  This test works best in the heating months (i.e. winter) when windows and doors are usually closed.

These devices have been provided by the Manitoba Lung Association and the booklet by Jen Kendall, MLIS, Portage la Prairie Regional Library.

Hometown proud!  Check out Amber Faucher’s book, Sheltered Waters, set right here in Pinawa.

Ignorance may be bliss… but some secrets should never be forgotten.  When Amelia Ross’s tedious daily routines are upset by discovering the ghost of a teenage girl, she finds herself stuck between the annoying antics of the spirit and the excitement of helping her cross over to whatever lies beyond. While trying to locate the ghost’s remains, Amelia begins to uncover that there’s more at play than just a moody teen and the scary thrill of solving a possible murder. Dark forces gather, blurring the lines between the realms of life and death, threatening her family and her way of life. Putting herself, her marriage, and her sanity on the line to find resolution, she learns more than she ever wanted to know about the quiet little town on the edge of the Manitoban wilderness… and herself.

You will be torn between what you know, and what you think you know … Amber’s book will keep you guessing until the very end!