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The Biblio File: Library News

Pinawa Public Library


The Biblio File
August 14, 2017

Now that the plus 30 temperatures seem to have slowed, it’s time to consider turning on the oven again.  Want to try out a new recipe but would prefer to browse before buying the whole book? Ever wonder how many things you can actually do with beans?  The library has over 130 food and food related books, along with a few magazines dedicated to, or filled with, recipes and meal ideas.

Speaking of food…let’s take a moment to highlight some local talent! The Exchange District brunch spot, Clementine Café, has been nominated for enRoute magazine’s annual list of Canada’s best new restaurants.  Clementine is the only Winnipeg restaurant among 30 on the list for the 2017 edition of the magazine’s annual compilation.  The top 10 will be unveiled in October.  The café is co-owned by Pinawa’s Adam Donnelly, who also co-owns Segovia – one of the best known spots in the city.  Segovia and Clementine were designed by Fiona Sanipelli, also from Pinawa, and the coffee that you enjoy with your brunch comes from Dogwood Coffee Company, co-owned by Nils Vik of Pinawa (who also co-owns Parlour Coffee in Winnipeg).

The library has a special “Home Grown” section that features local authors and interest.  Be sure to browse this section the next time you stop by.  There’s a lot of talent in, around, and originating from this small town!