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The Biblio File
January 8, 2018

Welcome back students!  We hope everyone had a great holiday and stayed warm!

Did you know that during the year there are a number of literacy and library themed awareness weeks/days/months?  January 27, 2018 is Family Literacy Day.  This was first started in 1999 and highlights the importance of reading and engaging in literacy related activities as a family.  This year’s theme is “play.”  Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Enjoy a friendly game of Scrabble or work on the crossword together!
  2. Choose a book to read as a family, and then watch the movie together in your PJs. Talk about what you liked from the book and the movie (and don’t forget, lots of popcorn).
  3. Have kids plan a dream family trip. They can plan the whole thing – from hotel, to adventures, to flights. Build research skills while having fun.
  4. For younger children, create a grocery store scavenger hunt with the weekly shopping list.  Add a few items you don’t get all the time for a special treat.
  5. Get large sheets of paper and draw the rooms of your dream home. Add in the rooms you always wanted.
  6. Write down how to make your favourite family meal. Share the recipe with your friends and family or make a video showing how to make the meal.
  7. Encourage older kids to read and write through texting (if they must). Send them a link to an article you think they’ll like and ask them what they thought.
  8. Play word games! For younger children, say a word and have your friend say a new word that begins with the last letter of the word you just said (play, yellow, waffles, snow). Or play the dot game – go in a circle and have each person contribute a word toward a growing sentence.  Choose a point where the sentence should end and say “dot!” then start again.  This makes for some very interesting stories!

Many, many new books have been added to our library over the past month.  Go to our website at, “Search our Catalogue” and browse through the “new” section to find something that catches your attention!