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Pinawa Public Library

The Biblio File
January 29, 2018

I love to read

In many parts of Canada and the United States, February means “I Love to Read Month,” an entire month dedicated to promoting a love of reading and being read to. This idea, started many years ago, has been gaining popularity among schools and libraries throughout North America. Parents, too, have adopted the idea of a month to promote reading as a shared family activity. Prefer a solitary read enjoying the peace and quiet?  Also encouraged!

February is an ideal time to renew an interest in books and storytelling. Holiday celebrations are well in the past, interest in presents may be waning, the delight in outside activities could be wearing thin, and spring is still a long way off.

New to the library in Junior Fiction are books 1-8 in the Tom Gates series. Tom Gates is an irreverent yet ‘normal’ school kid who takes much delight in torturing his older sister Delia. He’s also a master homework escapologist and likes to spend his time doodling in his homework book and planning his next rehearsal with his band the Dog Zombies.

The books are written in diary format, complete with funny illustrations.  We have it on excellent 10 year old authority that they are a hilarious, fun, and easy read.