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The Biblio File: Library News

Pinawa Public Library

The Biblio File
July 2, 2018

new in the library

What’s new in the library?  Lois!  Well, maybe not new but we are happy to announce that Lois Bernardin will be our new Head Librarian starting on July 3, 2018!  We are very excited to welcome Lois to this new role and look forward to all of her ideas and enthusiasm!


The Guardian Weekly is an internationally focused newspaper based in London, UK. It is one of the world’s oldest international newspapers and has readers in more than 170 countries. The June 15, 2018 edition had an interesting article about the survival and importance of public libraries.  An article in the May 15, 2018 edition quotes a refugee fleeing from political unrest in 1992 “A library card was the first thing that I had ever owned.  I still have that card in my wallet today.” Besides the excellent opinions regarding books and libraries, you will also find cover to cover world news and interest stories.  The Guardian Weekly is donated to the library by patron Dorothy Walker. You will find a stack of them on our coffee table in the reading area.