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The Biblio File: Library News

Pinawa Public Library

The Biblio File
May 20, 2019

The longer the weekend the more books you can read! We hope everyone had a fun and book-filled weekend!

The Pinawa Public Library plans to establish a new travel and culture module in the library.  This will consist of a large globe, a cylindrical bookcase to support the globe, an expanded collection of travel books, and a large-scale wall map.  We are grateful that Pinawa Youth in Philanthropy has agreed to provide funds for the purchase of the globe, but we are asking for your help in raising the money needed for the bookcase, new travel books, and the map.  The bookcase and map each cost $600 and the books $300, for a total of $1,500.  Funds can be donated via the Pinawa Foundation and should specify “Pinawa Library.”  May is a particularly good time to do so, as the Foundation will top-up contributions.  Thank you for your generosity!