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The Biblio File: Library News

Pinawa Public Library

The Biblio File
October 14, 2019

We will be closed on Sunday, October 13th and Monday, October 14th for Thanksgiving weekend.

Have you ever read a book that you were thankful for?  Did it have an impact on your life or inspire you in some way?  Maybe it just gave you a laugh (or cry) when you really needed one.  We would love to hear about it.

Home Grown alert!  Patron Myrna Tiede dropped off at book to our library a few weeks ago written (and generously donated) by her brother, Gary Schnellert.  Small Farm in the Swamp is a series of short stories about their childhood years on a small farm in a one bedroom house with no running water.

“Enjoy a nostalgic trip back in time to the 1950’s and travel with the Schnellert family and neighbors through a series of short stories that chronicle the struggles and hardships, triumphs and joys of life in the Beausejour, Glenmoor, and Overwater areas of rural Manitoba. These narratives, told with humor and fond recall, capture many situations the family faced and serves as a genuine reflection of the lifestyle that was instrumental in shaping an entire generation. The reader will be left with an appreciation of the tremendous work ethic, strong faith, and absolute determination of the family as they coped with the foibles of farming on reclaimed swampland. Together with his large extended family and a caring and united community the author recounts the joys, fears, sorrows, and always the unending hope they embraced as they tackled unique challenges in a joint effort to survive and thrive. On reading the collected stories one comes to appreciate fully the author’s words, “I got my first and most memorable education at the school of hard knocks on the family farm.”