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The Biblio File: Library News

Pinawa Public Library

The Biblio File
January 6, 2020

Happy first official Biblio File of the New Year!  To ring in the New Year we would like to introduce our new and improved coffee nook!  We have revamped the area to include a new coffee machine and organic fair trade coffee.  For this week (January 6th to 10th) we would like to offer free coffee to our patrons and encourage you to bring in some of your left over holiday dainties to share!  We planned to promote this as a generous way to help you to clear out your freezer but the truth is we just love dainties. After this initial week, to encourage a greener environment, coffee will be $2.00 unless you bring your own cup – then price will drop to $1.00.

What are your reading resolutions for this year?  Have you always wanted to read the classics?  Maybe you’d like to read one book a month?  Start up a book club?  Set a goal to finish off (or start) your nightstand TBR pile?  Challenge yourself to read something outside of your regular book choices this year – you might find a whole new genre to explore. The beauty of the library is that it’s risk (and cost) free to try something new!