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Flash Fiction May 24, 2020

Pinawa Public Library
Flash Fiction
May 24, 2020



A reminder to all patrons: the library is open for picking up and dropping off books Sunday afternoons 1-4 and Monday evenings 6:30-9 in addition to Tuesday and Thursday afternoons 10-2.



Also, May is Pinawa Foundation Giving Month. This is an opportunity for patrons to help support the library and receive a 30% top-up on their donation from the Pinawa Foundation. You can learn how to make a donation by May 31 at the following link:



Everyone loves a jelly bean! We may all have our favourite flavours and flavour combinations, but they are a favourite snack with young and old. After weeks and weeks of staying in and eating snacks, it’s time to learn a little bit more about one of our favourite sweet treats.


Fun facts & official YouTube page –


How it’s made –


Factory tour –


If you’re feeling restless, why not try and make your own! There are tutorials for that. Here’s one example: 


This weekend enjoy your jelly beans outside! And amaze your Facebook friends with your deep knowledge of this little bit of sugary cheer.



If you’re interested in hearing more stories, you can try this new Covid resource, Stone Soup Storytellers. Stone Soup Storytellers are offering to tell patrons 5-10 minutes stories over the phone, ranging from folktales to historical to personal stories. To have a story read, all you have to do is email and tell them your phone number, your date and time preference and if the story being told is for a child or an adult. There is no charge for the service, but Stone Soup suggests donating to a charity of your choice.



It’s getting hot outside! This week’s story is a short, but sweet one about summer love.

Summer Days

By Jessica Rose

I told him that every time it rains, I cry. It’s just something that happens and has happened for a while. He says to me as we’re tearing up the M3: “What if it rains because you cry?”

I take a moment to process this concept and it is the most beautiful and romantic thing he has said to me.

Sometimes it does feel that way; like the world reacts to me, as if I am some sort of enchanter. My literature teacher called it pathetic fallacy when the weather reflected how someone was feeling in a book, so why can’t it happen in real life? Sometimes I feel like I’m in my own music video, driving along listening to Adele, as the rain pours onto the windscreen.

Take me by the hand, while we do, what lovers do.

So I slid my hand past the gear stick and onto his lap. Smiling, I ask: “So does that mean when it’s sunny, it’s because I’m having a good day?”

“No,” he replied.

I frown at the road in front of me and awkwardly twist my hair around my thumb.

“You’re happy because it’s sunny.”

I laugh at the truth in his words and think back to the summer we have just had; blue skies, first kisses and endless warm days. In fact, although we are on the motorway, it is one of the most beautiful days of the year.

“Well, I really don’t want this summer to end.”

“Me neither,” he replies stroking the back of my neck. “I hope it stays warm for a while longer.”