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Flash Fiction June 7, 2020

Pinawa Public Library
Flash Fiction
June 7, 2020



Good news for our patrons: the library is partially re-opening! It has been almost 3 months since the Pinawa Public Library closed due to Covid 19. In this time we, like every other organization, have struggled with how to best serve our patrons in a safe and efficient manner. On May 5, we began pickup and drop off service which works very well for some people, but is complicated for others.  In order to better serve those who are uncomfortable with online browsing and reserving, we are now ready to take the first cautious step of allowing patrons back into the library. Library entrance will be limited to one patron at a time, and will be by appointment only. Please enter through the back door of the Community Centre, across from the arena, and call us or ring the doorbell when you arrive for your appointment.

As the online reserve and back door pick up service is the safest and most efficient method, we encourage all patrons who are able to do so to continue to use the online service.

To book an appointment to pick up books or to come into the library, please call us at 204-753-2496 or email us at

Please be patient with us as we work our way through this time of uncertainty and decreased staff availability.

Our June hours are:

Monday evening:                    6:30 pm  –  9:00 pm

Tuesday and Thursday           10:00 am  –  2:00 pm

Sunday:                                   1:00 pm  –   4:00 pm



For today’s rainy grey day, we have a short, but sweet story about a young couple taking a walk in the rain.

In the Rain

by Daley Downing

The rain brings the rainbow, her grandmother had reminded her. You can’t have one without the other.

She wasn’t really comforted by that thought at the moment. This was one of those days when she wanted the rainbow without suffering through the rain first.

He opened her umbrella for her, and took them down a path that was lit with several streetlights. It was quiet; the birds were hiding, and so were most people.

“A nice cup of tea after this,” he said. “And a warm blanket.”

“And a warm cat,” she added.

He smiled at her, from under his umbrella, the rain falling around him. It didn’t make him look sad.

She remembered the day they found the cat. A little bundle of dark fur, wet and alone. He wasn’t sure about having a pet; but she couldn’t leave the poor thing. And he wanted her happy, above all else.

Since then, the cat had become treasured by both of them. They both wanted a cuddle from the kitty after coming home.

But this particular rainy evening, she let him cuddle her more. She let him sit right beside her, and draw them both under the big, comfy blanket. She let him select the television program, the hot beverage, and where the cat sat.