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The Biblio File: Library News

The Biblio File
May 24, 2021

Ok people, these little books are very cool and the timing of having them at our library couldn’t be better.  It’s time to explore and appreciate all the beauty that we have close to home.  Jaime Manness started her career as a trauma ER/ICU nurse and worked with LifeFlight (now STARS) and is currently a Clinical Resource Nurse at HSC Emergency.  She writes that after a couple of years into her career she found herself sleepless, anxious, and generally unhealthy from stress and lack of self-care.  She thought back to a time when she felt much more content – those days on the trails when she was a kid.  She found a balance between “the tough stuff at work and the quiet, awesome beauty in the woods” and is now sharing her experience.  If you find that you absolutely must have a set for yourself to explore and reference (and I think I do) check out (Yes, Pinawa is in them!)

HIKE MANITOBA is a curated collection of 51 hikes – variable in distance from city centre and degree of difficulty – all within the Province of Manitoba. Hand-drawn maps. Trailhead locations + amenities. Stunning photos by local photographers/adventurers. Tidbits of information re: Leave No Trace principles, backcountry fire safety, and pooping in the woods.

HIKE MANITOBA: WINTER EDITION is 90+ pages of carefully curated winter activities: fat biking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and winter hikes varying in distance from city centre and in degree of difficulty. The book also features winter sport etiquette, cold weather-specific LNT and safety principles, winter camp suggestions, and some very tasty winter recipes to keep you warm and cozy while out on an adventure.

HIKE MANITOBA: HIKE. BIKE. CAMP. PADDLE is a 120 page collection of hikes, bike and six paddle routes.   Leave No Trace principles. Backcountry camp info and advice. Hiking with dogs. Camping with dogs. Off-leash dog beaches. Beautiful photos. 12 family friendly hikes. New recipes. Family friendly and accessible hikes. And more good stuff.

We would like to extend a big thank you to anyone who has donated books to our library over the years!  Please mark any donations clearly so that we are sure that you didn’t just accidentally return one of your own books with your stack of library books.  Some things that we can’t accept are: encyclopaedias, cook books, text books, Harlequin Romance books and VHS tapes.  Your donations help to round out and extend our collection and we appreciate that you think of us!