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The Biblio File: Library News

The Biblio File
June 21, 2021

As you can imagine with the library closed to patrons it is very, very quiet.  We may not have noticed before when a book jumped off a shelf – we just assumed someone bumped into the shelf or didn’t put the book back properly.  Now that we have had time and quiet to reflect on the many mysterious books and binder (open with the pages out!) found on the floor some mornings we can only conclude that it’s our friendly neighbourhood library ghost.  Starting today we will be making a list of the books that the ghost chooses to highlight and recommend by kindly leaving them out for us.  Coincidentally (or not), the binder that was found on the floor and open was our “Looking for Something Good to Read?” suggestions and reviews binder.

Librarian book review!

While weeding through our fiction collection to create space for new books, I came across After River by Canadian author Donna Milner.  It fit the first criteria for being relegated to the discard pile:  it had not been checked out in over 10 years.  But one glance at the inside flap had me hooked. From the very beginning the author alludes to the fact that the lives of 15 year old Natalie Ward and her nearly perfect family would be forever changed when a soft spoken Vietnam war resister shows up to work on their southern BC farm.  As I got to know and trust the main characters, I became intrigued as to what could possibly happen between these exemplary people that would cause Natalie’s relationship with her family to be shattered and have her running to avoid them for the next 35 years.

After River illustrates how shame and secrets can destroy relationships with those we love the most, and the power of truth and forgiveness to bring about redemption.  For me, it also served as a reminder to browse some of our older less checked out books for a great read.