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Jr Biblio File – August

Curated Collections for your Convenience



Tucked away in the teen and magazines area, behind our comfy reading couch is a book shelf full of hanging bags. Each of these bags contain carefully curated selections of books on various topics of interest to small humans and their keepers.

Some are fun and entertaining, some are educational, all are very helpful. Best of all, they are all are available to be checked out! These book bags are called Parent Packs and they are a generous collaboration with Grassroots. They may just be our library’s best kept secret, but secrets aren’t the point of libraries, so it’s time to spill the beans!

To save you browsing time, (although the library is now open to patrons again, and we would LOVE to see you), here is a list of our parent pack topics!




Are we there yet? – Road trip boredom busters

Bedtime stories

Birthday parties

Body – How it works

Books for toddlers

Cooking – With your kids



Doctors and dentists – They are friends not foes


Feelings – How to deal with the feels

Grief and loss

Healthy body image




Potty training – ‘cause everyone needs help with this one at some point



Separation anxiety

Sibling rivalry

Special topics – for when you don’t want to let anyone know which topic you need

Things that go


And our two newest parent packs! New baby – for when your little becomes the big in the family, and New pet – for when it’s time for a fur-baby.