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Summer at the Library Newsletter August 8, 2021

Pinawa Public Library
Summer at the Library Newsletter
August 8, 2021



New public health orders are now in effect. However, library restrictions at the Pinawa Public Library remain the same until further notice. Please visit our website for information on our current Covid-19 protocols.

We appreciate everyone’s efforts to help keep our patrons and staff safe.



This week’s Storytime theme is bravery! Join us on the rocks outside the library at 1:30 on Wednesday for some brave-themed jokes, stories, snack and a craft! Don’t forget to register, as we only have six spots left for this week’s session!

For more information on Covid-19 Protocols during Storytime, please see Pinawa Public Library Summer Reading Program Covid Modifications.



The library ghost was in a dark mood this week, knocking down The Whisper Man by Alex North. In this suspense story, a father and son move to a small town for a fresh start. However, end up in the middle of the investigation to catch a serial killer who lures his victims out by whispering in their windows at night. So if you’re in the mood for a murder mystery, take up our ghost’s recommendation, and check out The Whisper Man at the Pinawa Public Library!



The library has opened, but it can still be hard to find a great book. Each week, Summer at the Library will highlight a few of the new and great additions to our library!

FictionThe Sister’s Tale, by Beth Powning

This book, by an award-winning Canadian author, is a story of the relationships that can save us when everything else falls apart.

“With murder dominating the news, the respected wife of a New Brunswick sea captain is drawn into the case of a British home child whose bad luck has turned worse. Mortified that she must purchase the girl in a pauper auction to save her from the lechery of wealthy townsmen, Josephine Galloway finds herself suddenly the proprietor of a boarding house kept afloat by the sweat and tears of a curious and not completely compatible collection of women. Among them is English girl Flora Salford, haunted by a missing piece of her life that she fears lost forever. Struggling to earn her place in this strange new country, Flora must decide if she can be the pillar Josephine’s household desperately needs when tragedy strikes.” (Publisher)

CrimeWinterkill, by Ragnar Jónasson

Winterkill is one of the library’s latest additions to our collection of Nordic Noir, and the final installment of the bestselling Dark Iceland series.

“A blizzard is approaching Siglufjörður, and that can only mean one thing…

Three days before Easter, a nineteen-year-old local girl falls to her death from the balcony of a house on the main street. A perplexing entry in her diary suggests that this may not be an accident, and when an old man in a local nursing home writes ‘She was murdered’ again and again on the wall of his room, there is every suggestion that something more sinister lies at the heart of her death…

As a violent blizzard closes in, cutting the power and access to Siglufjörður, Police Inspector Ari Thór Arason must piece together the puzzle to reveal a horrible truth … one that will leave no one unscathed.” (Publisher)

Non-fictionUnravelling Canada: a Knitting Odyssey, by Sylvia Olsen

In this book, Canadian author and knitter Sylvia Olsen recounts her cross-country knitting-themed road trip, and the discoveries about Canada and Canadians she made along the way.

“In 2015, Sylvia Olsen and her partner, Tex, embarked on a cross-Canada journey from the Salish Sea to the Atlantic Ocean to conduct workshops, exchange experiences with other knitters and, Olsen hoped, discover a fresh appreciation for Canada.

Along the way, with stops in over forty destinations, including urban centres as well as smaller communities like Sioux Lookout, ON, and Shelburne, NS, Olsen observed that the knitters of Canada are as diverse as their country’s geography. But their textured and colourful stories about knitting create a common narrative. With themes ranging from personal identity, cultural appropriation, provincial stereotypes and national icons to “boyfriend sweaters” and love stories, Unravelling Canada is both a celebration and a discovery of an ever-changing national landscape.” (Publisher)

Check out these and other new books at the Pinawa Public Library!