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The Biblio File: Library News

The Biblio File
November 29, 2021

Well, we blinked and now it’s almost December.  Here are a few book related activities.  A Christmas reading challenge that is meant for kids but could easily be enjoyed by adults!  Who doesn’t want to read in a den/fort?? And to get you thinking about the New Year – a fun reading challenge that, unless you are a seriously dedicated bookworm, should keep you busy for the entire year.  Need books?  We can help.

Have you ever thought you should read a book because everyone else seems to love it?  It’s on every best seller list and its praises are being sung by young and old…. but you just can’t get into it?  When is it ok to give up on a book?  A few chapters in?  At least a quarter way through?  Never??  People usually fall into one of two camps:  “I started it so I must finish it” or “There are so many good books out there, why am I wasting my time?”   What do you think?  Asking for a friend…