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The Biblio File: Library News

The Biblio File
May 9, 2022

The Kimberley Foundation is a charitable organization that actively works to promote a love of learning, to stimulate self-directed curiosity about the world, and to support activities and pursuits that inspire, impact, and facilitate positive, environmentally responsible change in the world.

“Through their collections, programming, and dedicated people, libraries in small communities bring people together to learn, to reflect, to imagine, and to connect. They allow us to grow in ways un-imagined and provide refuge in times of need. They open the door to the world of ideas, allowing us to converse with history and debate our future.  They support our dreams, open our minds, and give us strength with which to venture into the world.”

37 new ebooks have been added to our collection (in the elibraries Manitoba section of our website) thanks to the generosity of the Kimberley Foundation.  For a limited time PPL patrons have exclusive access to these books, before they become shared with the Manitoba consortium.

Pro tip:  For every one ebook you take out, come into the library and take out 5 physical books as well because we love seeing our patrons, talking about books, and discussing the possibility of summer.

Better late than never!  Due to supply chain issues worldwide we have only just gotten our new reading couch!  This lovely upgrade to the library was made possible by the Pinawa Foundation May Community Project 2021, and all who donated towards it last year.  Please check out their Facebook page and website to see what we are up to this year (hint: grab a book and join us in the patio lounge!)