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Pinawa Public Library Choice Awards

Welcome to the Pinawa Public Library (PPL) Choice Awards!

Similar to the Goodreads Choice Awards, these awards are chosen by our patrons, and aim to recognize and celebrate much-read books in the library. There are six categories in which patrons can vote. For the month of June, please vote for your favourite books in the different categories! At the end of June, the top five most-popular books in each category will be announced as finalists, and voting will open again to determine this year’s winner!

The six categories are Adult Fiction, Adult Crime, Adult Sci-Fi, Young Adult, Junior Fiction and Picture Books. Please feel free to vote in as few or as many categories as you want! You can vote by filling in the form below or voting physically in the library. We appreciate your participation and hope you have fun!


Please include the title and category of the book you are voting for in the message box below with the subject line “PPL Choice Awards” if you choose to vote this way!

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