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Volunteers Needed

Pinawa Public Library Volunteers Needed


In keeping with Workplace Safety and Industry Standards the Pinawa Public Library strives to have two people present at all times. Volunteers make it possible for the library to stay open our usual hours while fulfilling our commitment to a safer workplace.

Our current need is for evening and occasional Sunday volunteers.

We ask volunteers to commit to one shift per month from September to June.

Should a volunteer be unable to work a shift for which they are scheduled, we ask them to switch with another volunteer or find a replacement for their self from a list of spare volunteers, and to let library staff know of the change.

Evening volunteer shifts are from 6:30 to 9:00 pm.

Sunday afternoon volunteer shifts vary from others in that a monthly commitment is not necessary. We realize that Sunday afternoons are family and recreational time for many of our volunteers and therefore ask them to come in less frequently, and if a particular shift interferes with family plans we encourage them to call for a replacement. In the case that a replacement can’t be found, they are to advise the head librarian or a board member. Sunday volunteer shifts vary from 1 to 3 hours in duration.

Volunteer Job Description

The jobs that a library volunteer will be requested to do will vary from day to day,  dependent on the current library needs, and the skills and interests of the volunteer.

Jobs which a librarian may request a volunteer to do could include:

  • Checking out books to patrons
  • Checking in returned items
  • Placing returned items back in their places on the shelf
  • Assisting patrons in finding and selecting items
  • Assist librarian with setting up book displays
  • Assisting librarian in the process of sorting books that are to be placed on the sale table
  • Stamping and removing barcodes from books that are to be sold
  • Data entry on computer
  • Covering books with Plastic
  • Shelf Reading – Checking that books on shelves are in proper call order
  • Searching for misplaced books
  • Calling patrons about reserved and/or overdue books
  • Other duties as requested by librarian on duty
  • Preparing Interlibrary loan bags to be sent to the mail

Volunteers will be encouraged to take an in library coffee break during their shift. It is a good time to browse the book shelves or magazine racks for personal use.

 Volunteers are sometimes privy to personal information about patrons. We require all volunteers to respect the library user’s right to privacy and confidentiality with respect to information sought and resources borrowed.