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Local Links

Local Links

Last Updated 2017/05/19

  Services Local Government District of Pinawa Pinawa Foundation School District of Whiteshell Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority Survivor’s Hope Crisis Centre TV Listings ‘Channel 12’ slideshow Arts/Culture Eastern Manitoba Concert Association Friends of Old Pinawa MB Model Forest Community Centre Calendar Recreation Manitoba Recreational Trails Association Orville Acres Arena Pinawa Canoe Route Pinawa Club Whiteshell

Local History

Last Updated 2017/07/18

Pinawa: 50 Years of Memories, Families & Friends by Chris Saunders & Louise Daymond Pinawa History Committee 2016 Whiteshell Laboratories: A Legacy to Nuclear Science and Engineering in Canada by Chris Saunders Whiteshell History Committee 2016 Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba Heritage Committee page about the history of Whiteshell laboratories

Community Information

Last Updated 2017/01/08

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